Many brides have asked, “Should I tip my wedding photographer?” I’ve seen this in Facebook groups, wedding forums, and I have been asked directly. So, I figured I would address it on the blog!

Things to keep in mind.

  1. If your photographer owns their business and are well established, they have calculated how much it takes to keep running and that is reflected in their price. Couples tip me about 10% of the time. I never expect it, but it’s always a wonderful surprise.
  2. If your photographer is working through another company, they¬†likely get between 30-50% of what you’ve paid. So if you’ve paid $1200, your photographer may only be getting $400-$600.
  3. Service counts. Say you have two photographers, both charge $4000 for a wedding. Photographer A is quick to answer messages, very knowledgable, is proactive to solve problems, is amazing on the wedding day, and delivers your photos in a timely manner. Photographer B doesn’t answer back until the third email, can’t answer questions, shows up and does a minimal effort job, and takes months to deliver your wedding photos. Which photographer are you most likely to tip? Your relationship with the photographer and the quality of service is a key factor when making this decision.
  4. You can show appreciation without tipping. Thank you notes, a small gift, and especially bragging to all of your friends about your photographer are great ways to show appreciation. I have every thank you card ever sent to me from my brides. I have been given salt water taffy, and even a care package from Maine! (Which I absolutely LOVED! Thanks, Spenser and Jim!)

A tip is wonderful, but not expected, and should depend on the service provided. You can show appreciation in a multitude of ways without tipping. I hope you found this helpful! Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

-Kristen D.