Ever get the feeling that you are alone in your vision? Nobody else seems to get it? All that surround you are skeptics? You so desperately want their approval, yet know it won’t come until you’re successful? Well, I’m here to tell you right now, stop looking for their approval.

A look at skeptics and dreamers.

1. They can’t understand your vision. Not won’t understand. CAN’T understand. They can’t see your vision, because it has yet to come to full light. You already see it as if in full light and are working to make it reality. A skeptic needs proof. A dreamer doesn’t. Once you’re business is gaining momentum, they’ll begin understand.

2. They are projecting their fears onto you. Are you excited about that product launch, only to be told by a skeptic that nobody would pay that much for your product? That’s because THEY can’t see themselves doing it like you. As humans we ask, “How would we do this instead?” and then form our opinions. Just because one person would buy a Honda, and another person would buy a Cadillac, doesn’t devalue the Cadillac.

3. Many times they are expressing concern out of love. Our harshest critics are those closest to us, right? It’s because they fear failure, and don’t want us to get hurt. Remember number 1? They CAN’T understand why we make the decisions we make. That’s okay. They don’t have to. Only you do, and keep striving for success.

4. Listen to them, and evaluate. Sometimes they’re right. (That hurt, didn’t it?) Sometimes us dreamers can float away and need an anchor. If something they say really gets you riled up, stop yourself and listen. Why does it bother you so much? Are you secretly concerned about it, too? Listen to them and evaluate your goals, your business plan, and your dream. They are seeing things on another spectrum. So, take a step back and evaluate.


Stop trying to gain a skeptic’s approval and concentrate on your goals. I wasted too much time working my business around what others thought was appropriate. It never worked. What changed? I did. No longer do I fear what others think and now take skepticism with a grain of salt.

I hope this helps all the dreamers out there! Comment below some of your stories that relate!

-Kristen D.

what to do about skeptics- Kristen D. Photograph- Lexington KY Wedding Photographer