I am currently sitting in Triangle Park, waiting to meet a model to help build my portfolio for my portrait business. The roar of the water is calming. I’ve always liked this fountain. It’s a cloudy day, and the wind is blowing and the trees are swaying.

I remember when this park was being renovated. My sister called me and said, “They took away my trees!” Ashley tends to get attached to the parks around Lex. Looking around now, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell it was renovated only a few years ago. You may think “This is a pretty park,” while relaxing under one of the shade of a tree.

Change. It’s inevitable. Something is going to change eventually. Sometimes it will happen slowly. Such as becoming an adult. The change we notice most, however, happens quickly.

In the Bible, God shows Jeremiah a potter and the clay. When a potter is working with the clay he may find rocks or sticks that must be removed. It leaves holes or dents in the clay. Then the potter will fix and mold his creation.

Sometimes change can hurt and we don’t understand that hurt. Later down the road, however, people will look at you and say, “What a beautiful person.” Maybe even, “What a wise person.” If only they knew the change that came about a few years prior that molded you.

Jeremiah 18

-Kristen D.