Yesterday, my mom, dad, son, and I went to the Newport Aquarium. I have been wanting to take G to an aquarium for over a year. My excitement may have overshadowed his a little bit. Having the opportunity to explore and learn about the world is important to me, and I want to pass that on to my son.


I wasn’t always that way. School work was never something in the forefront of my mind. Unless it was music, art, or theater, I was simply uninterested. Creativity is something I craved. Now that college is behind me, learning is enjoyable. Maybe it was the structure of it all. Ask anyone that knows me. I don’t do well with structure.


I believe freedom was my key to learning all along. My teachers and professors were excellent through high school and college. However, classes that allowed for more freedom of expression were my forte.


The wonderful thing about wonder (see what I did there?) is that it will lead you to discovery. You will research, experiment, and learn. This is true in art and science. Stopping because of a mistake becomes absurd, because you know that the knowledge or ability of what you seek is more important than a failure. (Isn’t that how we got electricity?)


All of this starts with a sense of wonder. So, go out and explore. Reignite your love of learning and discover something new. You can travel, research, go to a play, interview a stranger, anything. Look at things a new way. Live, and always have a sense of wonder.


-Kristen D.