My home has been invaded by boxes. Clothes are strewn everywhere. Toys have now been unpacked by my toddler. If you haven’t guessed… we’re moving.

I am currently in Alabama. With one week to get everything packed and ready to load onto the truck, I feel slightly overwhelmed. Especially now that I realize I forgot to rent a truck. I am sure everything will come together in time… maybe.

I am excited to be moving back home. I miss Kentucky. I miss my family and friends there. I miss the hills, the trees, and the dirt. Yes, even the dirt. When we do move back, there will be photography sessions, weddings, and my first ever photography class I will be teaching. All of this will be happening within three months.

I am in high gear, and probably won’t shift to low until next winter. I am excited. So many opportunities are ahead.

For now, though, I need rent a moving truck.

-Kristen D.