Want to know how to get the best wedding photos? Here are a few tips.

  1. Find Your Dream Photographer– This is number one because it makes all the difference. You will not like your wedding photos if you are not impressed by your photographer’s portfolio. Be sure you like their style and personality. Click here for more advice on this topic.
  2. Make a Shot List– Once you’ve booked your dream photographer you need to communicate your wants clearly. Write a formal shot list of everyone you want in each group photograph. Make another shot list explaining special moments, people, or items. Such as the moment your mother gives you an heirloom, or Grandpa is 94 and you want a really nice portrait of him.
  3. Understand What You Want– Do you want a first look? Do you want a bridal session? Are you okay with the photographer(s) moving all around or would you prefer them to be unseen? Are you okay with flash photography during the ceremony? Most of these questions will be asked by your photographer, but it’s good to think about what you want.
  4. Read About Posing Tips– Posing has almost become like a four letter word. Candid is great, but you aren’t going to get those drop dead gorgeous photos you dream about through candid photos or simply looking at the camera and smiling. Posing sounds so static and tense, but it’s wonderful if you are directed properly. Anyone will look bad if you photograph them a certain way. With subtle changes you can transform the way you look in a photograph. Much of this will come from the expertise of the photographer, but it’s good to know some general guidelines.
  5. Workout– If you are in shape or not, this is about feeling great about yourself. Exercise can be tough, but what a thrill it is when you complete a workout! It releases endorphins that just makes you feel great! That newfound confidence will shine through in your photos.
  6. Consider Other Sessions– Many of the beautiful bridal portraits you see on Pinterest were done during a bridal session and not at the wedding. Yes, your photographer can get some great photographs of you on your big day, but time is a major factor. My brides get an average of 40 more bridal portraits if they have a bridal session as opposed to the wedding day alone.
  7. Construct a Timeline– Be clear on how much time your photographer will have during the wedding day to photograph the formals, bridal, groom, and other photos. Also, allow ample time for them. I require an hour for just the bride and groom portraits. I prefer to schedule an hour and a half because things happen and I like to be prepared.
  8. Clear Communication– Tell everyone in the formal photos when to be ready and where to be. This includes the family and bridal party. Inform them of the time and place you set with your photographer. Then remind them two weeks out, and the day before. Once, I had scheduled an hour and a half for each side of the bridal party. The groomsmen were not ready until it was time for me to photograph the bridesmaids. Did I get the photos? Yes. However, I didn’t get to give them as many photos as I wanted simply because of time.
  9. Relax– A wedding is stressful. Things are going to go wrong, and the best thing you can do is go with the flow. If you are stressed, it will show in your photos. You can do two things that will ease your mind on your big day. One, hire professionals that can handle issues on their own (i.e. the AC goes out and the flowers are starting to wilt, but the florist knows just what to do to keep them looking fresh!). Two, dedicate someone to handle all the problems that arise that day. Whether that is the wedding coordinator, the maid/matron of honor, or a family friend, be sure that everyone knows to ask them first before bringing any problems to you.
  10. Trust Your Photographer– You may feel like your photographer is asking you to do things that seem odd. Such as moving you to another location while getting ready, or choosing a different location than the ceremony site to do formals. Trust them. We are looking for great light all the time and want to give you the best photos possible.


I hope these tips help take some stress away. Thanks for reading!

-Kristen D.