So, this is my college¬†roommate/best friend/sister in Christ/sister-in-law, Carrie- AKA Cookie, AKA Friend. I mostly call her Friend. She married¬†Luke, who happens to be my husband’s brother! It’s a pretty awesome to have her as a sister and him as a brother.

Friend wanted some portraits done while I am in Kentucky. So, we went to Raven Run in Lexington. It’s a beautiful nature preserve that I actually hiked a few years ago. A fawn came up to me and wanted to play back then. It was so cute.

When we got there, the trails were closing so we mainly took photos on the path to the Nature Center and around the building. I hope you enjoy these photos, Friend!

Couple-1Couple-4Couple-13 Couple-10Couple-14 Couple-17

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