When I met Savanah back in February, at least I think it was February, I met with her and her mother at a local yogurt place. We discussed her wedding details, her dress, and lighting for the ceremony. When I brought up an engagement session, she told me that her best friend had already photographed their engagement photos and she showed me a few of them. They were great! Since her package included a photography session other than the wedding, we discussed either doing a bridal session or an ever after session.

Savanah and Rob always wanted to get married at the beach. They LOVE the beach. They also wanted to get married in their church. This was highly important to them and they decided on a church wedding. So, I suggested an ever after session on the beach so they could have it all!


Their wedding was at the end of July, and their family and friends really brought the beach to them. They did a wonderful job! Her mom made her bouquet. You really should check out their wedding here. Now to the story…

It was a beautiful clear day. Not a cloud in the sky! We met at The Port Inn in Port Saint Joe, Florida. They were kind enough to let us use their pool. Thank you, Port Inn! Once we met we got into my car and headed toward Cape San Blas. When we drove into the area we were met with thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS, of dragonflies! None of us had ever seen anything like it! We kept driving and thankfully the dragonflies dispersed the further we went. We came to the beach access which had a nice deck that overlooked the beach.


After the deck, we drove to the state park which was beautiful!!! We walked up the stairs to get over the dunes, and then I saw it was a double deck which allowed for this…


We walked onto the beach and I got the idea of me getting into the water and looking inland at them. Something a little different, and I love the natural grasses and their reflection in the water!


Then I took a couple of photos that I knew I wanted to do in Black & White.IMG_6443IMG_6437-2

Also, you can’t have a beach session without capturing this classic scene…


Some favorites of mine…

IMG_6450 IMG_6459

IMG_6491Kristen D. Photography

The beautiful sunset…


After the beach we went back to the hotel and walked across the street to the park. There was a gazebo/deck and I experimented with the flash. I hope you like it!

Kristen D. Photography

This last photo was so much fun to create! We went back to the hotel and got into the pool. There was a person on the second floor that saw us and said to someone in their room, “Are you seeing this?” Then they closed their window. Haha! This was my very first time getting an underwater photo. I hope you love it!


I hope you enjoyed my first official Ever After Session. A special thanks to Savanah and Rob for being adventurous and giving me the honor of photographing them!

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