Thank you for coming by my blog! This is the fourth rewrite since switching blogs. This session was to provide an example for brides on how a bridal session may look. The lovely Haley helped me, and I love the end product! We drove to Florida together, and we went to Santa Rosa Beach first. The rain was pouring! We sat for probably an hour waiting for the rain to stop. Then, Haley had the brilliant idea of driving to Destin!

We would be driving west and hopefully beat the rain. So, we went, and thankfully the rain had just stopped in Destin, and we started towards the beach. It was about five minutes until sunset, so it was already getting dark. Add on the overcast, it was getting dark fast! Well, that is one reason I shoot in RAW. You wouldn’t know how dark it was by looking at the final portraits. Just in case you’re curious, here is the photo straight out of the camera…


Crazy dark for a light and airy photo session, right? We only worked for about 20 minutes, but I love the photos that came from this session! I hope you enjoy Haley’s Mock Bridal Shoot!

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