Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

So, it’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, and I want to celebrate by writing a letter to my son.

Dear Little One,

You spent two hours crying after you were born, but it meant you were here. I could finally hold you in my arms. The nurse brought you over, and said, “Here’s your son.” All I could say was, “He’s beautiful!”

I didn’t sleep at all for the first three days. Not because I couldn’t, but I didn’t want to miss anything in case you needed me. I would get up in the middle of the night, just to make sure you were breathing. Three years later, I still do.

The first time you went to day care, I came home and paced around for two hours. I didn’t know what to do without you. You had been home with me for close to three years, and it felt odd not to hear you asking me to play blocks or super heroes.

I love that you think my name is Kristen Photography. Working from home has been difficult at times, but I want you to know that you can make your dreams happen. Never let anyone tell you it’s not possible. This world is filled with impossible things.

I am blown away by your intelligence. I see you learning everyday, and I love it when you tell me something new. From knowing your ABC’s, shapes, and colors to kicking and throwing a ball. You love learning new things. May you never lose that love.

You are absolutely an incredible kid. I am so proud of you. There is not enough time in the world to describe how much you’re loved. May every day be an adventure. May every moment be filled with wonder. May every fear be trusted to God. May every obstacle be overcome.

I love you, Little One.


A Special Day

My sister has always wanted a simple wedding or an elopement. Honestly, I expected to get a phone call one day with her announcing her marriage. I got the call, but she had set a date within the very near future. I was so excited to be able to capture these memories for her and Isaac. Welcome to the family Isaac!


I love these two so much, and wish them a very happy marriage! Congratulations, Ashley & Isaac!



It’s The Small Things

I dream big. I see the finish line and want to get there as fast as possible. I want the best of everything right now.

To quote one of my favorite commercials- “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works!”

I have been reminded lately that the larger picture can only be accomplished by the smaller goals. When I say small, I mean tiny. For example, I want to be healthy. I have tried dieting and exercise routines. However, I always quit. I need to start small. You know what? I want to drink tea every morning. A nice cup of healthy tea. It’s small, but it’s a beginning.


In my business, I want a beautiful studio with LOTS of natural light and amazing lighting equipment and only the best cameras and lenses. However, right now, I need to concentrate on building my brand and providing an amazing experience to my clients. My dream studio will be there in time.

You see, I want SO much. However, if you grow too fast, you’ll fall. Right now, I’m content with my cup of tea.


Luke 16:10 – He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much…

A Very Special Birthday

Today I get to celebrate my son’s birthday. He loves Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Superheroes, Hot Wheels, and Monster Trucks. Even though I am up most morning before 6:00 am, constantly cleaning his toys just so he can dump them again, and always worrying about his eating habits, I love him so much. I hope to celebrate many more birthdays to come. This morning he came into my bedroom and curled up next to me. I said, “Happy birthday!” To which he replied, “Happy birthday to me!” Which made me laugh, even at 5:30 am.


Happy birthday, sweetie! You are very loved!