Andrea & Ryan- Engagement Photography in Lexington, KY

This amazing engagement session takes place at Jacobson Park. This is where Ryan proposed. Family and friends all stood by while he asked Andrea to be his wife. It was truly a special event from all the details they have told me. We went back to where he popped the question, of course! I’ll let you guess exactly where. I had so much fun at this session. It felt as though I were talking with old friends throughout our time together. Congratulations, Andrea & Ryan! I hope you like your sneak peek!


Let me know which is your favorite photo in the comments! Thanks for reading!

-Kristen D.

Worksop Wednesday: Golden Hour

Okay, photographers. Let’s discuss light. Better yet, let’s discuss how you can improve your photos just by choosing a different time of day. We are talkin’ Golden Hour.

Golden Hour is an amazing hour prior to sunset and a little after when the light is AMAZING. If you have been photographing families, couples, or just people in general during midday, you may be familiar with raccoon shadows (shadow around the eyes). The reason why this happens in midday is because the sun is directly overhead of your subject. The brow ridge will cause a shadow over the eyes.

When the sun is setting, it is horizontal to your subject, lighting the face evenly and with a marvelous glow. So, if you can choose the time for your photo sessions outdoors, stick to golden hour. I usually start about an hour and half prior to sunset for golden hour sessions. Here are three different looks throughout golden hour.

A full hour before sunset, the sun casts a very warm light, and shadows are still a bit harsh. Tip: Always be mindful of shadows. Shadows will be your guideline for many of your portraits.


About a half hour before sunset, the shadows are softer and are slightly cooler in tone.


Right after sunset (like within five minutes), the light is very even, wraps around your subject beautifully, and just looks amazing. This is my FAVE time to shoot. I wish it lasted longer than a few minutes each day.


Sun flare is fun to play with during this time of day. Get out and experiment with it. You can create a variety of looks based on which lens you use and where you let the light leek into your camera.


Of course you can’t beat a sunset…


Post your midday photos (we’ve all taken them) and your golden hours photos in the comments! I would love to see them! Thanks for reading!

-Kristen D.

Myah Winbush- Model Photography in Lexington, KY

As many of you know, I am building a portraiture business. My new business will be centered around women and their beauty and strength. This new venture brings me great excitement. Today I get to highlight the beautiful Myah Winbush, a model in Lexington, KY. She is such a sweet girl, and it was a delight to work with her.

This whole session was done in one hour in Jacobson Park.

The first look was Myah’s own dress. I added a couple of pieces of jewelry and decided to start the shoot in the rows of pine trees.

So confident and her skin looks amazing! We kept saying to each other how much she was glowing. Gorgeous! The next outfit had a more summery feel. We went to the open fields in the center of the park. The sun was lower and a little softer, which was perfect for the look I was going for.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo with the open sky.  The great thing about photography is the variety you can add just by changing your angle. Our next outfit was from T.J. Maxx. (I may have a T.J. Maxx problem. I was once there three days in a row.) The light by this time was GORGEOUS! I love shooting right when the sun falls behind the horizon. The entire mood changes and you can get images like these-

Myah was bringing some beautiful dance poses while we were by the lake. Soft and feminine looks are my favorite. She definitely showed great talent during this session. I would love to work with her again. Give some love for Myah in the comments, and tell us which is your favorite look!

-Kristen D.