Twirling Brides Are My Fave

Okay, so I love twirling brides. There is something about a pretty dress that makes our inner little girl come out! If the dress can twirl, we are going to twirl! Here are the twirling brides from 2016!

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-Kristen D.

Emily- Bridal Photography in Lexington, KY

I met Emily at Rachel’s wedding. She had actually found me online while searching for a photographer. She didn’t realize who I was at the wedding, but kept thinking, “Why does she look familiar?” The next day I posted Rachel and Christian’s sneak peek and she realized! I am so happy she chose me to photograph her wedding. Here is her Bridal Session sneak peek!


So gorgeous, lovely, and classic. Thank you, Emily, for letting me be a part of your wedding!

-Kristen D.

Beth’s Bridal Session- Wedding Photography Lexington, KY


This session is really special to me. Beth and I have been friends since birth. We were neighbors until I was five, and my family moved away. I would go back and spend whole summers at her house. When I got the news that she was engaged, I knew we had to do a bridal session!

Beth and I went to the Bodley-Bullock House in downtown Lexington for her Bridal Session. The owner was incredibly kind to our needs and time frame. I would love to photograph there again someday.

The first room we worked in was this large red drawing room. There was this antique piano that I had to have her sit and “play”.


This is definitely my favorite one out of all the ones we took of her on the stairs. There wasn’t much natural light, so I experimented with my flash which was at the top of the first landing. This included running up and down the stairs to reposition the light and scrim. *Ahem- Now hiring an assistant!*


Next we did my FAVORITE lighting- window light.


After the Bodley-Bullock House, we went right down the street to Gratz Park. Gratz is a beautiful park in the heart of downtown Lexington and is surrounded by historic homes!


I hope you enjoyed Beth’s Bridal Session! Tell me your favorites below!

-Kristen D.

Victoria’s Bridal Session- Bridal Photography in Dothan, AL


It is Victoria and Adrian’s wedding day today! They just tied the knot and that means I finally get to show you her Bridal Session! I have been itching to get these photos up for months!

Victoria and I met at The Grand in Dothan, AL for her bridal session. This is also her beautiful wedding venue. When I first walked into The Grand, I was simply amazed at the beautiful building. Grand chandeliers, exposed brick, amazing gold framed mirrors, wood floors. Oh! It also has a secret door! How fun is that?!

Victoria and I met upstairs and started her session. I was having so much fun, I actually lost track of the time! She simply looked like a princess…

Couch-4 Couch-12BWCouch-7

Victoria is so wonderful to photograph. She could honestly model…

Fireplace-8 Fireplace-3 Fireplace-2

She has the sweetest smile!


She picked the perfect dress for her wedding day…

Curtains-5 Dress-1

Did I mention how beautiful The Grand is? The brick, white curtains, and stained glass adds such a great element to Victoria’s photos!

Curtains-10StainedGlass-4 StainedGlass-2

Peaking out of the window…


I absolutely love these monogrammed doors! It just so happens that their monogram is a G. How perfect!

Doors-3 Doors-1

And, lastly, we went out to the courtyard. This is my favorite!


Want more of Victoria and Adrian? Check out their engagement session here! Be sure to come back to see Victoria and Adrian’s Wedding! Which of these is your favorite? Tell me below! Thanks for reading!

Haley- A Styled Bridal Session in Destin, FL



Thank you for coming by my blog! This is the fourth rewrite since switching blogs. This session was to provide an example for brides on how a bridal session may look. The lovely Haley helped me, and I love the end product! We drove to Florida together, and we went to Santa Rosa Beach first. The rain was pouring! We sat for probably an hour waiting for the rain to stop. Then, Haley had the brilliant idea of driving to Destin!

We would be driving west and hopefully beat the rain. So, we went, and thankfully the rain had just stopped in Destin, and we started towards the beach. It was about five minutes until sunset, so it was already getting dark. Add on the overcast, it was getting dark fast! Well, that is one reason I shoot in RAW. You wouldn’t know how dark it was by looking at the final portraits. Just in case you’re curious, here is the photo straight out of the camera…


Crazy dark for a light and airy photo session, right? We only worked for about 20 minutes, but I love the photos that came from this session! I hope you enjoy Haley’s Mock Bridal Shoot!

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