Celebrate Yourself Now

I want to photograph women.

You, with your hair pulled backed in a messy bun and wearing yoga pants! I want to photograph you!
You, drinking tea, getting ready for your morning workout. I want to show you how beautiful you are!
You, building and running a business. I want to show you how wonderful you are!

No matter where you are in life, celebrate it through photography. We women don’t always feel beautiful. We are always thinking that we have to do something MORE. My husband constantly tells me I’m beautiful. I always shrug it off as simply a compliment. Here’s the thing. HE MEANS IT! When I have been up half the night because my toddler is sick, and my eyes are dark, and my hair isn’t brushed, he really thinks I’m beautiful. His vision of me never wavers.

You deserve to see how your loved ones see you. You deserve a bit of luxury. Right now I am running a special of 20% off of photography packages for the first 10 women to book a photo session. You deserve it. Click here for more information.

-Kristen D.


Tulle, Fear, & Today’s Photo Shoot

I am very excited for today. So much so that I have been awake since 4:30 this morning. I have been preparing and thinking about what I want for today. Not going to lie. I am a little nervous. There is always that lingering thought of “Am I good enough? Will this work?” any time I venture into something new. No matter where you go in business, this thought is normal. What makes you professional and great is that you still do it, and learn from it, despite the fear. Don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love.

Since I was up since 4:30 this morning I have been softening and staining tulle. I am very excited to be experimenting with this. I LOVE Sue Bryce’s work and want to play with the look. Here is a shoot she did that involved tulle. Gold tulle has been sitting in my closet for a while. It has been through the wash three times to soften. It was very rough when I got it. I also bought white tulle yesterday, which I decided to tea stain.


I am teaming up with GlamLex today to bring this shoot to life! My mind is overflowing with ideas. Join me starting at 2:00 pm Live on Facebook! I will be going live multiple times during the shoot to show you behind the scenes! If you can’t make it at 2:00, no worries! The shoot will last until 4:00! Join us here!

-Kristen D.

Twirling Brides Are My Fave

Okay, so I love twirling brides. There is something about a pretty dress that makes our inner little girl come out! If the dress can twirl, we are going to twirl! Here are the twirling brides from 2016!

2017 brides! I still have dates open in June and July! Contact me today to book your date! Thanks for reading! Tell me your fave in the comments below! Also, follow me on Instagram!

-Kristen D.

Myah Winbush- Model Photography in Lexington, KY

As many of you know, I am building a portraiture business. My new business will be centered around women and their beauty and strength. This new venture brings me great excitement. Today I get to highlight the beautiful Myah Winbush, a model in Lexington, KY. She is such a sweet girl, and it was a delight to work with her.

This whole session was done in one hour in Jacobson Park.

The first look was Myah’s own dress. I added a couple of pieces of jewelry and decided to start the shoot in the rows of pine trees.

So confident and her skin looks amazing! We kept saying to each other how much she was glowing. Gorgeous! The next outfit had a more summery feel. We went to the open fields in the center of the park. The sun was lower and a little softer, which was perfect for the look I was going for.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo with the open sky.  The great thing about photography is the variety you can add just by changing your angle. Our next outfit was from T.J. Maxx. (I may have a T.J. Maxx problem. I was once there three days in a row.) The light by this time was GORGEOUS! I love shooting right when the sun falls behind the horizon. The entire mood changes and you can get images like these-

Myah was bringing some beautiful dance poses while we were by the lake. Soft and feminine looks are my favorite. She definitely showed great talent during this session. I would love to work with her again. Give some love for Myah in the comments, and tell us which is your favorite look!

-Kristen D.