Andrea & Ryan- Engagement Photography in Lexington, KY

This amazing engagement session takes place at Jacobson Park. This is where Ryan proposed. Family and friends all stood by while he asked Andrea to be his wife. It was truly a special event from all the details they have told me. We went back to where he popped the question, of course! I’ll let you guess exactly where. I had so much fun at this session. It felt as though I were talking with old friends throughout our time together. Congratulations, Andrea & Ryan! I hope you like your sneak peek!


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-Kristen D.

Kirsten & Cameron- Engagement Session in Lexington, KY

Kirsten and I met at The Big Fake Wedding back in July. I am so happy she filled out her information at the event, because we started communicating soon after. Her fiancé, Cameron, would be home on leave for a short time and we scheduled their engagement session accordingly. If you read my last post, you will know that I have been sick for the past week. I emailed Kirsten and apologized in advance for my cough. Despite the cough, we captured some wonderful photos that I love. I hope you love them, too!


I am always honored to photograph military families. The dress that Kirsten wore for the next few photos is actually her mother’s. She found it not long before the photo session. It has belonged to her mother since she was newly married. I thought it was a cute dress before, but then I fell in love with it. Everything has more meaning when you tell its story.


Congratulations, Kirsten & Cameron! I had an amazing time (cough and all!) photographing your engagement. Thank you for letting me part of your journey! Tell me your favorite photos in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

-Kristen D.

Rhea & Keshav- Engagement Photography in Versailles, KY

Rhea contacted me just last week to schedule an engagement session. Her and her fiancé live in New York, and I am so happy they selected me to photograph their engagement! She had a wonderful vision for their photos, which included horses. We were able to have a wonderful horse named Richard assist us for the day! I was very excited to work with them, and they are the sweetest couple. They have a love that is truly profound. I can see it in his glances towards her. I can hear it in her laugh when she is around him. Their marriage will be strong, and I feel honored to have photographed them during this exciting time in their lives! Congratulations, Rhea and Keshav!


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-Kristen D.

Mindy & Trey- Engagement Session in Frankfort, KY

We met at the Bridal Bliss Classic bridal show. I was holding an Instagram contest- follow me and you are entered to win a free engagement session. Needless to say, Mindy & Trey won! I am so happy they did. We had a blast!

Mindy & Trey met in downtown Frankfort and I loved the thought of their session being in the place they first met. The Old Capitol supplied a beautiful backdrop with its columns and I found an awesome photography location everywhere I turned.


They showed me around Frankfort, and we ended up in a beautiful garden. Even thought the weather was nice during our time together, it had been a rainy morning. Thank goodness, because raindrops are always fun!


Okay, so I just want to say thank you to this amazing couple! I have had the idea of this styled photo for a while. They were completely willing to help me figure out this idea and it has quickly become my favorite!


We waited so patiently for this one, but it was worth it! A perfect photo for the end of the night!


Mindy & Trey were so much fun, and appreciated my goofy excitement when I had an idea for a photograph. Haha! I loved working with them, and the one thing I noticed is that they love to smile and laugh with each other. So sweet! I hope you love this session as much as I do! Tell me which are your favorites in the comments!

-Kristen D.

Carrie & Luke’s Mini Session- Couple Photography in Lexington, KY


So, this is my college roommate/best friend/sister in Christ/sister-in-law, Carrie- AKA Cookie, AKA Friend. I mostly call her Friend. She married Luke, who happens to be my husband’s brother! It’s a pretty awesome to have her as a sister and him as a brother.

Friend wanted some portraits done while I am in Kentucky. So, we went to Raven Run in Lexington. It’s a beautiful nature preserve that I actually hiked a few years ago. A fawn came up to me and wanted to play back then. It was so cute.

When we got there, the trails were closing so we mainly took photos on the path to the Nature Center and around the building. I hope you enjoy these photos, Friend!

Couple-1Couple-4Couple-13 Couple-10Couple-14 Couple-17

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Maura & Matthew’s Engagement- Engagement Photography in Louisville, KY


I had the wonderful opportunity on Saturday photographing a girl I knew in college. Her name is Maura and she has found the love of her life, Matthew. Maura is the sweetest person I can remember at EKU. You know the girl that is always smiling and nice to everyone, and are the model of a pleasant person? That’s Maura. She is genuinely super sweet and kind. When I received a message from her asking about wedding photography, I was ecstatic! We scheduled her Engagement Session and we went to the Papa John’s Park in Louisville. I had never been there before and it is beautiful! Trails and waterfalls and simply beautiful scenery.

Engagement Photography-1 Engagement Photography-2 Engagement Photography-3 Engagement Photography-4 Engagement Photography-5 Engagement Photography-6 Engagement Photography-7

After Papa John’s Park, we drove to Matthew’s farm. Family Farm + Sunset = Beautiful

Engagement Photography-8Engagement Photography-12Engagement Photography-14Engagement Photography-16Engagement Photography-10Engagement Photography-11Engagement Photography-9Engagement Photography-15

I want to give a shout out to my awesome sister-in-law and best friend, Carrie, for coming with me and helping me! You were amazing!

Maura and Matthew- I had such a great time Saturday and I can’t wait until the wedding! I hope you loved this sneak peek.

Tell me which are your favorites in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Victoria & Adrian- An Engagement Session in Dothan, AL


Thanks for coming by my blog! This is the third rewrite since changing blogs. Let me just say, I absolutely adore this couple. They are so sweet, and so fun loving. I love working with them! This engagement session was photographed back in the Spring. Look for them again in October! I will be revealing Victoria’s Bridal Session right after her and Adrian’s ceremony!

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