Sound Business Decisions

So, when we lived in Alabama I got a phone call from an SEO company. They were legit, no worries. They offered a package to create a beautiful website and work on my SEO so that when you search for ‘lexington ky wedding photographer’ I would pop up on the first page on google. They said this would take anywhere from three to six months.

They did a good job. We had six keyword phrases that we decided to use for my site. Most of them got on page one of google. However, ‘lexington ky wedding photographer’ is still not on page one ten months later. I understand that this is because there are A LOT of wedding photographers in Lexington. So it is no fault of their own. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles…

Something Old-Recovered

Yesterday I called them and asked how much it would be to just keep my website live and drop the SEO. It was simply more than I am willing to spend every month. So, I had to cancel the contract. Now, I have created a new website. I love the look and since it is created on the same site as my blog, the SEO will slowly but surely begin to creep up the google pages.

So, here is my advice to anyone starting a business. Make sounds business decisions. My thought process behind hiring SEO experts was that it would bring me many more clicks on my website which would generate more leads. I haven’t had a single booking through google. I know it takes time, but that is money I could have used elsewhere. Now my site is up and running for $70 a year, which is less than one month with the company who built my old site.

Make sound decisions. Business is a process. I’ll get there and you’ll get there. You won’t be at the top right out of the gate, and that is okay. Reputations take time to build. It is your reputation that will gain you the most clients. Not the top spot on google.

So take a look around my new site!

-Kristen D.

Just Put the Pillow on the Couch


I know. Odd title, right? Well, here’s the story.

Carrie and I were watching Captain America and my son was jumping on the couch, which then caused a pillow to fall on the floor. I instructed him to pick up the pillow and place it on the couch. In all his toddlerness, he refused to do so. Crying, screaming, falling to the floor as if I had just insulted him to highest degree. He even picked up the pillow, walked to the couch, and dropped it on the floor. At this point, Carrie laughingly stated, “All you have to do is put the pillow on the couch.” Then I began laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation, and how much harder Gabe was making it on himself. After he finally put the pillow on the couch, we went back to watching Captain America and everything was peaceful.

How often do we make things on ourselves much harder than needed? All because we simply don’t want to do them? Here are a few of my “pillows”-

  • Laundry
  • Cooking (Paul usually cooks, or else we would eat out every day.)
  • Getting the oil changed.
  • Blogging (I am getting better!)
  • Managing money.

What about you? What are you making hard on yourself? My best advice is just put the pillow on the couch.

-Kristen D.