I have a family, a business, and the disorganization that comes with both. I read my favorite photographer’s blogs and admire their work as well as their organization skills. They have it all together. Beautiful studios, beautiful work, and have so much knowledge.

My dream is to have a beautiful home, with a dedicated room for everything. An office, a playroom, a home studio, etc. That would be wonderful. I also dream of having my own studio in downtown Lexington. A beautiful modern studio, with HUGE windows for  natural light. Also an area for sitting with clients and a receptionist area. Possibly a full-time assistant…

I’m not there yet, and that’s OKAY! I once saw a photo on Instagram that reminds me of this every time I sigh in discontent. Want to know what it is?


I am not there yet. That’s okay. It’s my dream. It’s my goal. It’s a journey. The journey is what gives us the wisdom and experience. Be focused on the steps you need to take, and the destination will come with time.

-Kristen D.




My Old Kentucky Home

We made it safe to Kentucky! I can’t wait to get started on my business! This year will be a game changer!


If you read my blog, you’ll remember I wrote a post about how meeting a man named Frank has inspired me to teach. I am currently planning out the curriculum that will be covered in this class. So far I know it will be between 6-7 hours with a lunch break, cover many topics for newbie photographers, and will take place in Lexington, KY in late May or Early June.


One of my goals is to get my work published in magazines and on blogs. I can’t wait to see my work featured. It’s going to happen, because I am going to hustle.


Another goal I have for this year is to travel to two new states. I have photographed weddings in Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. I would love to add at least two more to this list! (Anyone want to get married in New York or Chicago? Let’s chat…)

This year will be amazing. I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!

-Kristen D.

Jordan & Gray- Ever After in Dothan, AL

They were my first solo wedding. My first wedding as the head photographer. My first wedding in Alabama. My first wedding with a tornado. My first wedding with a blackout. Jordan and Gray brought me a lot of firsts.

Jordan contacted me about three weeks ago. She knew we were moving soon and wanted to get her Ever After Session in before the big move. I am so thankful we did! It was a nice warm day, and they are as cute as can be.


They were my first wedding in Alabama. They are my last couple to photograph before the move. I don’t think there could be a better way to say goodbye to Alabama than this. Thanks Jordan and Gray! You’ve made Alabama amazing!

-Kristen D.


High Gear

My home has been invaded by boxes. Clothes are strewn everywhere. Toys have now been unpacked by my toddler. If you haven’t guessed… we’re moving.

I am currently in Alabama. With one week to get everything packed and ready to load onto the truck, I feel slightly overwhelmed. Especially now that I realize I forgot to rent a truck. I am sure everything will come together in time… maybe.

I am excited to be moving back home. I miss Kentucky. I miss my family and friends there. I miss the hills, the trees, and the dirt. Yes, even the dirt. When we do move back, there will be photography sessions, weddings, and my first ever photography class I will be teaching. All of this will be happening within three months.

I am in high gear, and probably won’t shift to low until next winter. I am excited. So many opportunities are ahead.

For now, though, I need rent a moving truck.

-Kristen D.

Inspired to Teach

I was waiting to meet someone at a local tourist spot in Kentucky. I had my camera with me. I needed to take a couple of test shots and asked a man to be my subject. I took a couple of photos of him, and I was satisfied with the light.

“Her’s turned out great!” A man named Frank was behind me and noticed my photos on the LCD screen of my camera. He came over and asked me what my settings were. I told him and noticed he was in a different mode than me. We started talking about manual mode and ended up talking about white balance.

“My pictures come out really orange sometimes.” I showed him a few tricks to fix his white balance in different situations. By the end of our talk he said, “It was nice to meet you. Thanks for the lesson.” I shook his hand and he went with his tour group while I continued waiting.

I was taken aback by the word ‘lesson’. I didn’t really think of our conversation as a lesson. I have taught flute lessons and taught color guard for years. This didn’t feel like a teaching experience. It felt like a fun conversation with a fellow photographer. He was right, though. I was able to teach him something new. It was really cool.

I am now inspired to teach a beginning photography class. I have no idea when or where. However, I am confident it will happen this summer, maybe even spring. Stay tuned for some upcoming classes!

-Kristen D.

Bridal Bliss 2016



Last week I was a part of a great bridal show called the Bridal Bliss Evening Classic. This took place in the beautiful Campbell House in Lexington, KY. I met many brides and it was a great evening! It lasted three hours, but felt like no time at all! I also met some great and kind vendors and was able to get my name out there as a premiering wedding photographer for Kentucky.

For those of you who do not know, I have been in Alabama for the past year and a half. I have built a great business in Alabama, but am now moving back to Kentucky. (Cue “My Old Kentucky Home”!) Although my time there was wonderful and I made some amazing friends, I have greatly missed Kentucky and am excited to meet bluegrass brides!

I have a hurdle in front of me, though. I have to build up my name in Kentucky. The Bridal Bliss Classic was a great first step. I will be brainstorming and writing about my ventures on my blog. Stay tuned! Until then, enjoy this short video of my display for the bridal show!


Kristen D.