A bride always wants to look amazing in her wedding photos. The single most important way to do that is by proper posing. No, really. You can the most exquisite gown, professional makeup and hair, and the finest jewelry available. None of it will matter if you are not posed properly. Your photographer will have quite a few tricks to help you, but here are some tips to keep in mind.

It’s all about curves-

  1. Leg Position- Even though your legs are not visible under a floor length gown, they make a huge difference in your posture. A general rule is to place most of your weight on the leg furthest from the camera. This creates more curve while making your hips appear slightly slimmer at the same time.

    Engagement Photography-12

  2. Chest- Move your chest forward slightly to emphasize curves. Also, you can take a breath and hold that position. A deep breath helps correct posture and expands the chest.


  3. Create Space- Move your arms away from your waist. An arm resting against your body will look larger than it is, and it does nothing to define the waist. You need some space next to the small of your waist to emphasize your figure. Many people believe you have to have space on both sides of your waist to look the slimmest and this leads to robot arms. Usually just one side will do.

    Another way to position your arms to define your waist is to place your elbow behind you as much as you can with your hand resting on your hip. While this doesn’t have space, it still shows off your figure.



These are just a few tips to keep in mind! Look for more upcoming blog posts on posing! Thanks for reading!

-Kristen D.