Victoria’s Bridal Session- Bridal Photography in Dothan, AL


It is Victoria and Adrian’s wedding day today! They just tied the knot and that means I finally get to show you her Bridal Session! I have been itching to get these photos up for months!

Victoria and I met at The Grand in Dothan, AL for her bridal session. This is also her beautiful wedding venue. When I first walked into The Grand, I was simply amazed at the beautiful building. Grand chandeliers, exposed brick, amazing gold framed mirrors, wood floors. Oh! It also has a secret door! How fun is that?!

Victoria and I met upstairs and started her session. I was having so much fun, I actually lost track of the time! She simply looked like a princess…

Couch-4 Couch-12BWCouch-7

Victoria is so wonderful to photograph. She could honestly model…

Fireplace-8 Fireplace-3 Fireplace-2

She has the sweetest smile!


She picked the perfect dress for her wedding day…

Curtains-5 Dress-1

Did I mention how beautiful The Grand is? The brick, white curtains, and stained glass adds such a great element to Victoria’s photos!

Curtains-10StainedGlass-4 StainedGlass-2

Peaking out of the window…


I absolutely love these monogrammed doors! It just so happens that their monogram is a G. How perfect!

Doors-3 Doors-1

And, lastly, we went out to the courtyard. This is my favorite!


Want more of Victoria and Adrian? Check out their engagement session here! Be sure to come back to see Victoria and Adrian’s Wedding! Which of these is your favorite? Tell me below! Thanks for reading!

Savanah & Rob’s Ever After- Wedding Photography Port Saint Joe & Cape San Blas, Florida


When I met Savanah back in February, at least I think it was February, I met with her and her mother at a local yogurt place. We discussed her wedding details, her dress, and lighting for the ceremony. When I brought up an engagement session, she told me that her best friend had already photographed their engagement photos and she showed me a few of them. They were great! Since her package included a photography session other than the wedding, we discussed either doing a bridal session or an ever after session.

Savanah and Rob always wanted to get married at the beach. They LOVE the beach. They also wanted to get married in their church. This was highly important to them and they decided on a church wedding. So, I suggested an ever after session on the beach so they could have it all!


Their wedding was at the end of July, and their family and friends really brought the beach to them. They did a wonderful job! Her mom made her bouquet. You really should check out their wedding here. Now to the story…

It was a beautiful clear day. Not a cloud in the sky! We met at The Port Inn in Port Saint Joe, Florida. They were kind enough to let us use their pool. Thank you, Port Inn! Once we met we got into my car and headed toward Cape San Blas. When we drove into the area we were met with thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS, of dragonflies! None of us had ever seen anything like it! We kept driving and thankfully the dragonflies dispersed the further we went. We came to the beach access which had a nice deck that overlooked the beach.


After the deck, we drove to the state park which was beautiful!!! We walked up the stairs to get over the dunes, and then I saw it was a double deck which allowed for this…


We walked onto the beach and I got the idea of me getting into the water and looking inland at them. Something a little different, and I love the natural grasses and their reflection in the water!


Then I took a couple of photos that I knew I wanted to do in Black & White.IMG_6443IMG_6437-2

Also, you can’t have a beach session without capturing this classic scene…


Some favorites of mine…

IMG_6450 IMG_6459

IMG_6491Kristen D. Photography

The beautiful sunset…


After the beach we went back to the hotel and walked across the street to the park. There was a gazebo/deck and I experimented with the flash. I hope you like it!

Kristen D. Photography

This last photo was so much fun to create! We went back to the hotel and got into the pool. There was a person on the second floor that saw us and said to someone in their room, “Are you seeing this?” Then they closed their window. Haha! This was my very first time getting an underwater photo. I hope you love it!


I hope you enjoyed my first official Ever After Session. A special thanks to Savanah and Rob for being adventurous and giving me the honor of photographing them!

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A Little About the Upcoming Ever After Session


Thanks for coming to my blog! I have an Ever After Session coming up this Saturday! I am crazy excited!!! What’s an Ever After Session? I’m so happy you asked!

There are two categories of Ever After Sessions. One is a photo session much like an engagement session, but in wedded bliss! It can be like the classic e-session, but can also be more personal by photographing the newlyweds in their new home together. How fun would it be to photograph newlyweds moving into their new home!? I would love to get portraits of them in the completely empty house, and photograph them building their life one box at a time. I’m game. Let me know if you love this idea, because I do!

The second category of Ever After Sessions looks like the wedding day. This is what is happening this Saturday! The Bride and Groom from my wedding in July are getting back into their wedding attire to have a fun session on the beach! We scheduled this after the wedding to take some unique portraits that we were unable to get on the wedding day. How unique? You will just have to wait and see! Come back and look next Monday for the photos!

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Happy Birthday, Friend!

My sister-in-law has a birthday today! We have been friends since college and we married brothers. So, we became sisters!!! How awesome is that?

We always call each other ‘Friend’. Whenever we call each other by our names it sounds odd. It’s just not us.

Today we are celebrating her birthday! In her honor, I baked a cake. I like to bake… a lot. My husband cooks and I bake. It’s a great mix!


I am writing about Friend because she helped push me to move forward with wedding photography. One day we were discussing how I wanted to photograph weddings. I had been photographing babies, families, children, but I really wanted to do weddings.

After listening to me and my whole list of concerns about getting started, she looked at me and said, “You need to stop selling yourself short. Just do it.”

So simple, blunt, and exactly what I needed. That’s a mark of a true friend. Someone who will bluntly tell you what you need to hear in the love of friendship. Just a couple months after that conversation I had booked my first wedding and had multiple inquiries!


Here are a few concerns I had…

1. I didn’t have enough experience in weddings.
2. In order to get clients, I needed to charge crazy low, but knew I couldn’t afford to.
3. I didn’t have enough equipment.

Each one of those concerns were done away with once Friend pushed me. I second shot weddings to gain some experience. I sat down and decided what I would charge based on my time, skill, equipment, and what I offer in each package. Brides inquired about me. I started booking. I bought equipment once I booked. Thank goodness I did! My first wedding had a power failure that lasted the entire evening. Their first dance was done by acoustic guitar and I had a video light that gave me enough light to focus and capture those precious moments.

If it wasn’t for Friend it would have never happened. Happy Birthday, Friend! I love you!


Kristen D.

Be Fearless


Thanks for dropping by! Here is a memory from high school that helped me jump start my business…

It was my senior year in high school and I was auditioning for All-State Band. I had been practicing for weeks, but I wasn’t nervous. I had just come from taking the ACT, so it had been an eventful morning. I signed in, and then walked to the flute area to check my audition time. I was the last one. Not near the last, or even second to last. I was the VERY LAST flute to audition. It was going to be a long day.

I started practicing, and on my breaks I would find my friends and chat. Slowly my friends left, because they had auditioned and wanted to get home (we lived two hours away). It was me and my mom, and about two hours prior to my audition something happened. My stomach started cramping in a way I had never experienced before. I couldn’t stand up straight and couldn’t breathe as deeply as I needed to. My mom gave me crackers and water, but nothing helped. I had to lay in the fetal position to stay comfortable.


The time came for my audition, and the flute proctor closed the door behind me. I auditioned to the best of my ability, however, I was in pain and couldn’t breathe properly. I came out of the room and just looked at my mom. I fought the tears until we got to the car. I was devastated. That was my last chance to make All-State.

A few days later I overheard my mom on the phone. She was telling the person on the line about my audition. Then she talked about the dialogue she shared with the proctor. Apparently this unfolded while I was auditioning…

Proctor: “Is she okay?” (My appearance had diminished to a noticeable point, haha!)
Mom: “She’s just sick.”
Proctor: “Oh, is it nerves?”
Mom: “H*** no! She’s not afraid of anything!”

I am telling this story because I have been reading Jasmine Star’s blog. I highly recommend anyone that owns a business, especially photographers, to visit her site. In one post, she suggested to make a list of three things that make you unique (this is to help write a bio for a website). I seriously thought for a half hour and couldn’t come up with anything. I kept coming back to “What?! I’m not unique! I’m just a Kentucky girl who likes photography.” Then this memory came to me and I realized I am unique.

My mom hit the nail on the head- I’m not afraid of anything. I am not afraid of putting myself out there and taking risks. I’m fearless. (Okay, well not completely. Spiders, wasps, and cockroaches are pretty high up there. If I see one, I run away like I’m on fire!) I’m not afraid to fail, because through failure comes lessons. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t make All-State almost a decade ago. What does matter is that I was there and auditioned even though I had every reason to walk away and knew I wouldn’t make it.

So, my advice to you is to BE FEARLESS. Don’t worry about failure, because I guarantee it will happen. You can’t stop it, but you can learn from it. So look forward to the lessons.

I invite you to come along with me while I build my business and live life! Let’s be fearless together and create something beautiful!


Kristen D.

P.S.- Here is Jasmine Star’s Blog. Go check it out!